Fifth Grade

The Safer, Smarter Kids Fifth Grade Curriculum lessons encourage students to find the courage from within to advocate for themselves and others as they transition to middle school. Topics include understanding peer pressure, digital safety, setting your own boundaries and recognizing others’ boundaries, managing bullying both online and in the real world, and more.

Through a series of 5 engaging lessons, students join Lauren, her friend Rodney, and kids at the neighborhood rec center learn about personal safety, the effect their actions have on one another, and the importance of standing up for what is right.

With each lesson, students will answer questions about a concept to determine background knowledge, watch a video, answer questions to determine learning gains, participate in whole group instruction with the teacher (detailed scripted lesson and visuals provided), and complete a variety of engaging activities to practice and apply the skills and concepts introduced. Caregiver Connection letters and activities provide detailed information for each lesson and allows safety learning to extend into the home.

Designed for use with face-to-face, blended, and digital learning.

Lesson Topics

  • Peer Pressure- Finding the Courage Within You
  • *Balance of Power
  • *Safe and Unsafe Relationships
  • *Safe Choices with Peers
  • *Understanding Recruiting
  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyber P.L.A.N.
  • *Safe Use of Cameras and Digital Devices
  • *Making Safe Decisions on the Internet and in Social Media
  • Privacy
  • Safety NETwork
  • *Personal Boundary
  • *Personal Boundary Violations
  • Boundaries
  • Grooming
  • *Body Boundary Violations
  • *Types of Unsafe Secrets: Threat, Unsafe Promise, Trick
  • Courage to Change
  • *Accessing Help

*Child Trafficking Prevention Skill

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