Third Grade

In the Safer, Smarter Kids Third Grade curriculum, students recognize their role in communities while reviewing and expanding upon safety strategies and skills learned in earlier grades. Digital safety is emphasized throughout the lessons.

Through a series of 6 engaging lessons, students join Lauren, her friend Rodney, and kids at the neighborhood rec center as they explore what it means to be a good citizen and how to practice safe citizenship in physical and digital communities.

With each lesson, students will answer questions about a concept to determine background knowledge, watch a video, answer questions to determine learning gains, participate in whole group instruction with the teacher (detailed scripted lesson and visuals provided), and complete a variety of engaging activities to practice and apply the skills and concepts introduced. Caregiver Connection letters and activities provide detailed information for each lesson and allows safety learning to extend into the home.

Designed for use with face-to-face, blended, and digital learning, with optional classroom consumable packs available for order containing children’s workbooks, digital safety licenses, certificates of achievement, stickers, etc.

Lesson Topics

  • Good Citizenship in Our Community
  • Wrongdoing
  • Wrongdoer
  • Victim
  • Bystander
  • Safety NETwork
  • Think, Feel, Act
  • *Understanding Unsafe Situations
  • *Balance of Power
  • Digital Safety
  • Digital Community
  • Digital Citizen
  • Social Media
  • *Making Safe Choices with Digital Devices and in Social Media
  • *Safe Use of Cameras and All Digital Devices
  • Body Boundaries and Personal Space
  • Violation
  • *Physical Safety
  • *Personal Safety
  • Body Boundaries and Personal Space
  • Guiding Voice
  • Personal Power
  • *Body Boundary
  • *Personal Boundary
  • Unsafe situation
  • Safe Secret
  • Unsafe Secret
  • *Types of Unsafe Secrets: Threat, Unsafe Promise, Trick
  • *Privacy
  • *Body Boundary Violation
  • *Personal Boundary Violation
  • Voice
  • Heard and Helped
  • *Accessing Help

*Child Trafficking Prevention Skill

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