Second Grade

The Safer, Smarter Kids Second Grade curriculum delivers critical personal safety information appropriate for second-graders, helping students discover the power they have to keep themselves safe. The curriculum contains no sensitive material and does not deal with abuse overtly; instead, personal safety skills and vocabulary are developed through play.

Through a series of 8 engaging lessons, students join Lauren, her cartoon dog, Buddy, his friend Bella, and new neighborhood pals to become Safety Superheroes! As they explore Buddy’s neighborhood, students learn safety rules and tools including how to make a “P.L.A.N.”, using your Safety Goggles to be aware of your surroundings, the difference between safe and unsafe secrets, body boundaries, digital safety, how to create a “Trusted Triangle” of Grown-Up Buddies, and more! 

With each lesson, students will watch a video, participate in whole group instruction with their teacher (detailed scripted lesson and visuals provided), and complete a variety of engaging activities to practice and apply the skills and concepts introduced. Caregiver Connection letters and activities provide detailed information for each lesson and allows safety learning to extend into the home.

Designed for use with face-to-face, blended, and digital learning, with optional classroom consumable packs available for order containing children’s workbooks, digital safety “learners permits,” certificates of achievement, stickers, etc. 

Lesson Topics

  • Grown- Up buddy
  • Trusted Triangle
  •  Safety Stop Sign
  • I Mean Business Voice
  • Think, Feel, Act
  • Safety Barometer
  • *Characteristics of Safe Adult
  • *Recognizing Unsafe Situations
  • Awareness of Surroundings
  • Safety Goggles
  • *Recognizing Safe and Unsafe Situations
  • Permission, Location, Activity, Names & Numbers of Adults*
  • *Permission
  • *Location
  • *Activity
  • *Names and Numbers of Adults
  • Safe and Unsafe Secret
  • Secret Gauge
  • Think, Feel, Act
  • Trusted Triangle
  • I Mean Business Voice
  • *Identifying Types of Unsafe Secrets- Threat, Promise, Trick
  • Body Boundaries and Privacy
  • *Privacy
  • *Personal Boundary
  • *Body Boundary Violation
  • Body Boundaries and Privacy
  • Safety Barometer
  • Bullying
  • *Privacy
  • *Safe Use of Digital Devices
  • Cybersafety 
  • Guiding Voice
  • Cyber Citizen Learner’s Permit
  • *Safe Use of the Internet and Social Media
  • Safety Tools Review
  • *Accessing Help

*Child Trafficking Prevention Skill

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