Keeping kids safe from a place of fun – not fear

Personal safety shouldn’t be scary. That’s why Safer, Smarter Kids has become the nation’s leading personal safety curriculum, arming millions of elementary school students, educators, parents, and caregivers with knowledge and skills to protect against abuse, exploitation, and digital dangers from a place of empowerment and fun – not fear.

Engaging Teachers, Empowering Children, Educating Parents

Safer, Smarter Kids follows a developmentally appropriate sequence of instruction for elementary school students, helping children develop skills to stay safe as their world expands. At the crux of the program, children are taught how to identify the difference between safe and unsafe feelings, situations, and behaviors – and how to then access help if they are ever made to feel unsafe.

Safer, Smarter Kids has been the nation’s leading personal safety curriculum for more than a decade, arming elementary school students, educators, and parents/caregivers with evidence-based lessons and skills to help prevent physical and sexual abuse, exploitation, and digital dangers while meeting existing educational benchmarks in social studies, reading/language arts, and health, Erin’s Law requirements, and more.

Through a series of EMMY® Award-winning video lessons and activities designed for face-to-face, blended, or online learning, students are taught to identify the difference between “safe” and “unsafe” situations and secrets, the difference between “tattling” and “reporting,” digital safety, how to access help from trusted adults, and more.